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        Free Name Monitoring Alert System

Google offers FREE online name monitoring alert system (here)  Free Google Alerts.. Works amazingly well at finding new instances of your name online, allowing you time to thwart anything negative or slanderous. This is the same system that many companies are charging for!  Google Alerts will inform you of any new instance of your name if it appears online. 

There is no limit to the amount of alerts you can receive.  Other 'Name Reputation' firms are offering this service as if they have a proprietary system, this is not the case.  This is merely a service offered by Google, that anyone can sign up for, it's called Google Alerts! Google Alerts.. Highly Recommended!

However, Clean-Search online name activity alert system goes beyond Google Alerts and beyond 'auto-searching' for your name (which is not recommended).  We have developed a proprietary system that does far more than tell you when a new instance of your name appears online!  Clean-Search introduces HitDetective

1. HitDetective protects your name from harassment or potential negative relevance and/ or false light.

2. HitDetective tells you HOW your name is being searched, when it is being searched, and who is searching.  Attorneys, politicians, Government officials, athletes and more have been using HitDetective to gain unique strategic information, now HitDetective is available to you.

HitDetective by Clean Search will tell you WHO IS SEARCHING YOUR NAME, and in what context.  

 Want more information?  Request a call-back.  A Clean Search agent will explain all the benefits of using HitDetecitive name protection and monitoring system.

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Clean-Search offers a proprietary online name-activity alert system, completely customized and scalable..