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        Halt Defamation False Light & Slander With Clean Search

An individual now has the ability to publish statements and articles across the world in an instant, without the guidelines or checks and balances of traditional publishing. Thereafter, online erroneous statements may linger for months, or even years, almost impossible to recover, amend and remove.

In most cases, and those viewing this article have already discovered, the legal approach is less than effective.  Content that appears on Google may not constitute legal slander, defamation or false light however, CleanSearch has special insight as to the internet processes that command action and garner results.  The ability of our expert staff to exceed legal avenues is a team effort between attorney's, investigators, tech and marketing specialist.  We have attorney's on staff, and use our private investigation  resources to produce whatever leverage is needed to put you in control of the search environment.

Clean Search gets content removed or corrected on blogs, posts, consumer sites, personal webs, forums and other Web outlets.  We have a proven track-record of success, getting content removed or corrected and halt the damage immediately.

Our expertise with the World wide web, service providers and Internet regulations, combined with our in-house legal and specialized services knowledge, allows us exclusive leverage over existing Internet infrastructure. See our case history's.

Material posted on blogs, consumer sites, personal webs, rating sites, forums and other Web outlets publishes instantly and globally.

The ease with which content is proliferated increases the damage caused by false or harmful information, stretching the bounds of defamation, making responsive actions a necessity for those who intend on dominating their given industry, practice, or field of study.

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