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The practice, science (or art, some would argue) of Online Reputation Management, has been through some rather significant changes in it's relatively short existence. Through the years, the practice has been assigned varying terms, names and logisitics.  Even The object of unwanted content can vary over the years, but there is always a wide breadth of subject matter. 

Welcome to the archive pages of CleanSearch.  20 Years of content based on providing service for the goal of diminishing delitarious Internet content associated with names, businesses or points of interests. 

Points of interest can include a group, organization, political position, just about any entity, idea or cause can be the subject of Online Reputation Management Services, or relevance management.

Google is mainly responsible for the changes in termonology through the evolution of Reputation Management.  They basically decide what term they want any particular practice or service to be addressed as.  The " Google Suggested Search" is the tools Google uses to assimulate a wide variety of consumer indentifications (what words consumers or the general public utilyze to describe a new lexicon such as onine reputation management) into much more narrow and more widley used terms. 

Why does Google go to great expense and hold an extreme interest in narrowing term identifiers for any such search?  It's very simple, the more narrow the search terms for any search, the higher the Adwords (Google Ads) bidding is and the more revenue Google Ads rake in.

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