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2385 NW Executive Center
Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 843-3997
(800) 544-7145


        CleanSearch Online Reputation Management System

International Sales Office:
2385 NW Executive Center Ste. 100
Boca Raton, FL 33431
(800) 544-7145  Main Sales
(561) 843-3997  International
(954) 509-7544  Fax

CleanSearch has provided trusted 'Google-Accepted' applications for over a decade.  We merged from conventional marketing to online marketing in 1998.   During the early years of the internet surge, we provided marketing and search engine optimization via intelligent web design, promotion, and consumer-to-client analytics.  

In 2006 we developed a program designed to eliminate unwanted associations created by search engines.  We continued our quest to become the most effective RELEVANCE management firm in the world. 

The industry calls this 'Reputation Management', but they are behind the curve with that terminology, as the core of what we do is alter the associations which search engines establish and render through their own algorithmic formulas.

Engines such as ASK and Google, are designed to provide relevance to a search, not reputation.  We have developed the most thorough and capable utilities to create an infrastructure perfect for enhancing your name-search. 

With proprietary applications and platforms, CleanSearch has the most acute and affective facilities to provide results along a vast array of internet issues, giving us more flexibility and possible solutions.

Our proprietary services include:

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