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What is Online Relevance Management?

The ability to manage what Google deems relevant to a name or search term.  Also known by various terms such as:

    • Search Engine Results Management
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Search Engine Presence
    • Bury / Quash Negative Content
    • Create Postive Listings
    • Push Back Negative Content
    • Remove Name From Internet
    • Reputation Repair

Relevance is the Core Issue

Proprietary content development, linking and word-placement strategy designed to replace current Search Engine Results with selective content.  CleanSearch® combines the science of search engine relevance with name association development and networking expertise to eliminate prominent unwanted content from appearing in search engine results. Managing Search Engine Relevance protects your name or business on all online search facilities such as Google, Yahoo and BING.  Online news articles, consumer advocacy sites, attack sites, arrest records, or random postings, whatever platform hosts the damaging content, Relevance Management is the key in altering the current search results. Get A Quote

In order to do so, we create a plurality of data accessible for Google and other engines frequently enough to establish new associations, or “more relevant ones”.

Clean Search will attack your issue with urgency and aggression.

While other firms are mailing you forms and instructions, CleanSearch® has already begun to eliminate the listings destroying your name.  Clean Search® is driven to protect your name, stopping and reversing monetary and strategic losses. We provide our clients with a productive clean atmosphere in which to reside, work and prosper on the world wide web. We solve your issue in the shortest time-frame possible.

CleanSearch Case Histories

Examples of removed, pulled, destroyed, deleted, or purged Internet content:

Mugshot Files, Arrest Records and other pages: over 16,500 and counting…

Clean-Search removes or suppresses unwanted associations with your name or business.  On occasion, we will have a page terminated or completely eliminated from the internet. Remove image from Google Image Search!

Documented: CleanSearch aids FBI in stalking case.  Evidence rendered VIA CleanSearch’s ‘HitDetective’ Monitoring Service is used in court; outcome favorable to client.

Documented: Federal courts use CleanSearch to remedy after-case activities.

Doctors, attorney’s, financial industry, teachers, job-hunters, business owners, etc…  Clean Search has successfully assisted professionals from all professions and industries, regardless of the situation.