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CleanSearch® is the original online reputation firm, since 1999. Awarded US Trademark for proprietary Reputation Management.

What is Online Relevance Management?

The ability to manage what Google deems relevant to a name or search term rendered in their results.

CleanSearch combines the science of Search Engine Optimization, with technical and marketing expertise, for the sole purpose of protecting your name and reputation from undesired public information accessible via internet search results. CleanSearch Reputation Repair ensures a clean search of your name or business on all online search facilities such as Google, Yahoo and BING.  Also known by various terms such as:

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Search Engine Results Management
Online Reputation Management
Search Engine Presence
Quashing Negative Results
Create Positive Listings, Digital Assets
Push Back Negative Content
Remove Name From Internet
Reputation Repair, Public Relations, PR

CleanSearch will eliminate, obfuscate, remove, or hide from public view any unwanted listings, such as online news articles, consumer advocacy sites, attack sites, arrest records, or random postings. Even .gov, .org and .edu sites are no match for CleanSearch. Results are guaranteed.  Free Private Consultation 800.544.7145

CleanSearch improves search results by key promotion of proper content. With nearly 20 years of operational experience, we have learned and developed the most efficient methods for promotional success. Three simple points of procedure all with marked skill sets to create the assets for success:


Our strategy is to overwhelm and ELIMINATE negative, defamatory listings that show up when people 'Google' your name, or the name of your business, removing potentially damaging search engine results from public view, regardless of the source or validity of those listings.  Online Relevance / Reputation Management VIA content control, publication, distribution, strategic linkage and off page applications. CleanSearch provides and or promotes digital assets and public relations content to improve search results VIA content qualification, publication, distribution, strategic linkage and off page applications.

CleanSearch will promote PR content VIA our proven professional channels and methods, cross-referencing content and publications to achieve maximum affect.  Free Private Consultation 800.544.7145

Clean Search is the #1 Online Relevance Management firm as listed by Google (see screeenshot). Online since 1999, we possess the knowledge, applications, and resources that other firms cannot match. Clean Search is the industry leader in Search Engine Image Protection & Search Engine Reputation Management. We can hide, obfuscate, edit, or remove unwanted internet content, by eliminating the related listings which appear in close proximity to your name.

While most firms are still confusing you with consoles, forms and instructions. CleanSearch® attacks your issue with urgency and aggression to eliminate the listings destroying your reputation. CleanSearch® is driven to protect your name-search, stopping and reversing monetary and social losses. We provide our clients with a productive clean atmosphere in which maintain your reputation on the world wide web. We solve your issue in the shortest time-frame possible, offering simple straight forward pricing.  Free Private Consultation 800.544.7145.


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