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Proprietary content development strategy.

Display business or personal information in a prominent, accessible manor.

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CleanSearch is hiring Web Designers, Application experts, database management, server admin and sales agents; apply.


CleanSearch® Methodolgy

CleanSearch® Methodolgy

1. Analyze current results structure, tally existing positive or benign instances of content.

2. Create a plurality of positive associations designed for relevance reassessment and evolution.

3. We strategically publish these key data points on various network platforms.

4. Begin vast off page activity targeted at key data point publications.

5. Introduce these activities on a frequent basis triggering reevaluation from Google, etc.

6. Negative search results get demoted as the new content is deemed 'more relevant'.

All Service Include:
• Proprietary Web Construction
• Expert Keyword Content Development
• Proprietary Associated (off page) Applications


CleanSearch® services are enhanced by proprietary methodology developed from a combined 50+ years of technical education, practice and expertise.

CleanSearch helps associate what Google deems relevant to your name, thus altering the rendered listings.

We create positive results by broadcasting to the search engines what is more relevant to your name or business today.

What Google and other search engines render as results are determined by relevancy.  We have the skills, knowledge and infrastructure to facilitate a preponderance of positive relevancy in association with your name.  This is how Search Engine's naturally determine what results to display


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What do we do?

What we are doing is creating relevancy.  In order to do so, we create a plurality of data accessible for Google and other engines frequently enough to establish new associations, or "more relevance".

The frequency of positive content and activity needed to 'counter' or 'out-weigh' those associations is not attainable VIA one individual.

Search results are affected when a plurality of associations occur frequently enough as measured VIA Google. 

This is the prime directive of every CleanSearch Service.

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