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        Posting Good Reviews appears to be a spam-scam, you may have been spammed by them, and found your way to this page. 

We were also spammed by '', 512-275-6123 

Most know not to do business with organizations that use spam as part of their advertising process.  'Black-Hat' operations will do nothing positive for your online presences, and will most likely do nothing but take your initial payment, then fly away to another URL and name.  

Positive Reviews are vital to a business, we won't bore you to death with the logistics, everybody knows this.  How do you create positive, clean reviews, is the question. 

CleanReview by Clean Search is the answer.  CleanReview uses proprietary methods to ensure the best chance at creating positive, clean reviews that appear in the search listings.  Find out more here.

  2010 Clean Search      


Clean-Search helps associate what Google deems relevant to your name, thus altering the rendered listings.

We create positive results by broadcasting to the search engines what is more relevant to your name or business today.

What Google and other search engines render as results are determined by relevancy.  We have the skills, knowledge and infrastructure to facilitate a preponderance of positive relevancy in association with your name.  This is how Search Engine's naturally determine what results to display.

If you are attempting to determine just how to create positive search results, you are not alone.  Clean-Search can save you time and money as well as create energy, by managing your name relevancy.